10 best mini quadrocopters

Characteristics in the rating

Quadrocopters have become a new tool for entertainment, scientific research, as well as a modern working tool. In this article, we will consider compact models. Their main difference is their small size, which determines a number of technical features. Seriously simplified design and technical stuffing. There are fewer sensors, the communication quality is not as powerful, and the autonomy resource is quite modest. The entire market can be roughly divided into models with or without a camera.

It is compact quadrocopters that are recommended for purchase for those people who are just beginning to get acquainted with the world of such equipment. Short-term sessions will have a positive impact on your learning ability. you simply won’t have time to get tired of the technique. This makes it possible to study at home without fear of breaking electronics or damaging furniture. Finally, the quadcopter is a great gift for any child who wants to get a toy to explore the world.

We have selected for you the top ten best compact mini-quadrocopters. The selection includes the most popular and high-quality models from proven manufacturers.

Best mini quadrocopters with a camera

Drones with a built-in camera open the rating. It is silly to use them for video shooting, because the image quality leaves much to be desired due to the low resolution and lack of stabilization. The camera in this class serves, rather, for entertainment. You can view your home from the side, fly over the Park and much more.

5 Ryze Tech Tello

10 best mini quadrocopters

Not the cheapest drone in the top, but you have to pay for the quality. It’s here. When unpacking, it does not smell of “Chinese” plastic, there are no chips and cracks between the body elements. Legs with motors are made according to the frame scheme, that is, if one of their supporting elements breaks, the second will be able to support the screw. The battery will last for 13 minutes of flight. At this time, you will be able to fly at a maximum speed of 8 m / s and shoot videos with a resolution of 720p. In addition, digital image stabilization also contributes to this. It does not need registration and does not fit into full-fledged quadrocopters in size.

At night, it is difficult to control it due to flaws in electronic positioning. The complete set for its price is rather poor. But there are also advantages. For example, spare screws come with a special key to remove them. Additional battery not included, can be purchased independently for 2000 rubles. Additional benefits include compatibility with VR glasses and a Bluetooth controller.

4 Eachine E010 Mini

10 best mini quadrocopters

Perfect gift for active kids. A single-Bank battery with a capacity of 150 Mach (mAh) is installed inside the quadcopter. It can be dismantled and replaced due to its very simple construction. The remote control and the drone will be painted in the same tone. The user guide contains extremely useful information, and guidance on the calibration of the gyros. A red indicator will notify you of readiness after calibration. The left Shift of the remote activates the dual power supply, which improves control and makes it sharper. If you hold down the right Shift and stick, you can use them to make rolls and flips.

Now about the camera. The drone is not equipped with it from the factory, but if you take any model with support for a 4.2 Volt line,you can connect it to it, and it will work. The most optimal placement is considered to be an FPV module consisting of a camera and a transmitter. However, you will not be able to fly a drone for a long time, since the flight is limited to 5 minutes.

3 Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P

10 best mini quadrocopters

In the box, in addition to the drone, you will find instructions in Chinese, 4 main blades, 2 spare ones and frames for their protection. A Micro USB power cable is also included. Assembling a drone is not difficult, you just need to install the blades correctly. To do this, there are red and white markings on the case. In appearance, the model is similar to the branded toys of the MiTu series. On the case there is a 2-megapixel camera that captures the environment with a resolution of 480p for video and 1600x1200px for photos. In addition to the camera on the front, there is a laser sensor for aerial combat with other quadrocopters of this series. An ultrasonic sensor is installed on the bottom, which works on the principle of car Parking sensors, which allows you to avoid obstacles in the flight path.

Inside, there is a 4-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and 4 GB of internal memory for processing basic commands and recording. Unfortunately, there is no MicroSD slot, recording goes to the phone’s memory. The total weight of the device is 88 grams, and the battery capacity is 920 mAh. On average, this is enough for a 10-minute flight, and the charging time is about 60 minutes. If the drone goes beyond the communication coverage area, it will automatically land on the silicone legs.

2 Syma X11C

10 best mini quadrocopters

Asian manufacturers offer models with the best price / quality ratio. The silver medalist of the rating has a minimum cost. The maximum flight duration is 7-8 minutes, which is standard for the class. The remote control is designed in the style of an Xbox gamepad, so gamers will quickly get used to it. The maximum flight range is 30 meters. Novice pilots will love the included propeller protection – it’s not too scary to fly even indoors. The camera is already noticeably better than its predecessor – 2 MP, facing forward. Overall, just a great model for those who are just learning how to fly drones.

  • Complete screw protection
  • Lowest cost
  • Acceptable video recording quality
  • It charges for an hour-the longest time

1 Hubsan X4 Camera H107C

10 best mini quadrocopters

The leader of this section was the Hubsan X4 Camera H107C model. Buyers in the reviews note the main advantage of the size, only 7 by 7 centimeters. Such a small device easily fits in your hand. Although the case seems strong and made of impact-resistant plastic, there is no protection on the propellers, which means that you need to handle the propellers carefully and not hit the objects of the environment. The 2-megapixel camera shoots video in 480p quality, which guarantees a tolerable picture quality.

The model is also interesting for its range and altitude. In ideal conditions, they will be 100 meters each. The remote control is ergonomically designed and feels good in your hands. The perfect quadcopter for flying at home and around the apartment. At the start, just insert the batteries and the device is ready for flight. For it, you can easily get any spare part and replace it yourself. Some delivery packages include additional protection. For more experienced users, there is an “Expert”mode.

Best mini quadrocopters without a camera

Not everyone needs cameras. Cheap models can rarely broadcast video in real time, and many people are simply not interested in recording video. It is for such people that simple drones without a camera are created.

5 Silverlit Bumper Drone Mini

10 best mini quadrocopters

Here is a drone with the best protection of the main driving elements. The case is made of plastic and metal. The first defines the features of the device, the second serves to strengthen the structure. The protective ring effectively protects against third-party damage and the drone bounces off the walls in a collision. The flight time varies from 3 to 5 minutes depending on the operating mode. Extend the time does not work because of the lithium-polymer battery capacity of 250 mAh.

The range on one side is small – only 30 meters. However, this also eliminates the possibility of losing a newly purchased toy behind a neighbor’s fence or in the river. Great for children, as it is made of hypoallergenic, shock-resistant and safe material. Recommended for children over 7 years of age.

4 Syma X9

10 best mini quadrocopters

For the craziest drone lovers out there. It consists of a combination of incongruous elements, namely, a drone and a car. If you buy the product as a gift, you will kill two birds with one stone. It is worth noting that this product should be considered only as a toy, but not a full-fledged aircraft. For 3,500 rubles, the combination looks very interesting. The package includes everything you need, including a 600 mAh battery. It’s a pity, but 4 AA batteries will have to be purchased separately. By default, there is no camera, but there is support for installing some well-known models.

The device can be used both indoors and outdoors. The wind-resistant design will somewhat reduce the adverse effect of air on the hull. The standard transmitter operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and allows you to choose 2 modes of use. The gyroscope operates on 6 axes, and the software provides access to 3D acrobatics and 360-degree somersaults. Because of the wheels, you can use the drone as a car. Still from the pleasant there is:

  • Live broadcast from GPS;
  • 4096×2160 pixel removable camera support for photos;
  • 1280×720 60fps for video;
  • control from your smartphone.

3 Syma X20S

10 best mini quadrocopters

A product from the world-famous drone manufacturer Syma. The futuristic design of the device is combined with a high-quality and shock-resistant construction, assembled in a compact size. The remote control is made in a hyperboloid design, which often leads to slipping out of your hands. In automatic mode, takeoff and landing are protected in the drone’s subsystem. The altitude hold mode also simplifies training. The program of the device even provides for 360-degree flips. And although the flight range is so long, only 70 meters and the flight lasts only 5 minutes, the manufacturer has focused on safety, extending the service life of your toy.

Collector-type motors have full and even excess power, which is enough to perform any pirouettes without failures. Control in two modes is designed for both professionals and beginners. The latter are recommended to use the simplified mode. Finally, the manufacturer has placed Overcurrent Protection technology, which protects the motors from overcurrent and turns them off if anything interferes with their normal operation. This approach made it possible to increase the service life of the engines by an order of magnitude.


10 best mini quadrocopters

And here is the most compact, but very cool mini-quadcopter. In terms of price / performance ratio, it is one of the best. The maximum speed is up to 8 m / s, the maximum flight duration is only 4 minutes. Given the stated charging time – only 30 minutes – is quite good. The radio control range is 30 meters, which is enough for such a compact drone. It is also worth noting the high strength of the model. Due to the metal frame and small size, it is almost impossible to break the CX-10.

  • Fast charging
  • Durable

1 Hubsan Nano Q4 H111

10 best mini quadrocopters

One of the smallest quadrocopters in our rating stands out for its weight and dimensions. They are so small that flying in an apartment for H111 will not be something problematic. The blades are protected from damage by special rims, which by default are in each package with the drone. The flight range is impressive-100 meters, but after 10 meters you risk losing sight of it. The duration of work without recharging is also small, only 5 minutes you have to enjoy the flight. With it, some pranks are also available, for example, a 360-degree turn or flying in the dark, since there are LEDs.

In reviews, customers positively noted the high responsiveness of the remote control and a wonderful stabilization system. It has good strength for its size. Easy to disassemble. There are 3 control modes:

  • Normal. The owner only pilots in a horizontal plane.
  • Medium. Recommended for experienced buyers. The height axis is available.
  • Expert. Speed maneuvering functions and various aerobatic figures are unlocked.
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