10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

The maxiscooter as a full-fledged vehicle was widely used not too long ago, but many people have already managed to appreciate all its features. Despite the fact that this device requires periodic technical inspections and repairs, most users will agree that the cost of maintaining this equipment will be significantly lower compared to spending on a car.

In the environment of motorcycle and car enthusiasts, such vehicles are called “sofa on wheels”. This is due to the fact that in comparison with other similar devices, these models are not only able to reach a decent speed, but also allow the driver to provide maximum comfort while driving. In our country, such products are not yet widely distributed, but they continue to actively gain popularity, and therefore we decided to devote our today’s review to the best maxiscooters of the year. However, before proceeding with a detailed review of the performance characteristics of each model, let’s analyze what you should pay attention to when buying this vehicle.

  1. How to choose a good maxiscooter?
  2. Engine capacity no more than 450 CC
  3. 5. CFMOTO 250 JETMAX
  4. 4. Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 Sport LT E4
  5. 3. INNOCEMTI Radium 300i
  6. 2. Sym Maxsym 400i
  7. 1. Honda PCX-150
  8. Engine capacity up to 850 CC
  9. 5. GILERA GP800
  10. 4. SYM MAXSYM 600i ABS
  11. 3. Yamaha TMAX DX
  12. 2. Suzuki Burgman 650
  13. 1. BMW C 650 GT
  14. In conclusion, a useful video

How to choose a good maxiscooter?

Such scooters are produced according to a completely standard scheme – the engine is located under the seat, the speed lever is not provided here. The design of almost all models looks very stylish. Large-sized units are provided with a motor, the volume of which is at least 150 cubic meters.see, the engine cooling system is water-based. These products are perfect for beginners in motorcycle riding, because it is very convenient to learn how to ride.

The seat can accommodate a maximum of two people, and the scooter itself can accelerate up to 50-180 km / h, depending on the engine power. Often, this type of transport is used for rapid movement in urban environments, as it can easily pass between cars standing in traffic jams. The unit consumes a small amount of fuel, so the cost of driving it will be equivalent to driving on public transport. The drive here is mostly rear-mounted. The ignition system of scooters is electronic, quite reliable.

10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

The torque is transferred from the engine to the belt or chain, and it is best to give preference to chain transmission, as this ensures the highest level of reliability. All the main elements are located on the frame. It is best if it is made of steel alloys, as this will give it additional rigidity and ensure a long service life of the vehicle. Despite the fact that the fuel consumption of scooters is insignificant, the volume of the fuel tank is quite roomy. This allows you to stop at gas stations as little as possible and travel long distances. The device’s braking system is hydraulic.

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating of the best Maxi-scooters, we took into account all the above points. However, some other factors were also taken into account. In particular, the value for money: although these products are already quite expensive, we tried to choose the best models in the field of prices, so that many of our readers liked the products they could afford. In addition, feedback from users, both Amateurs and fairly experienced motorcyclists, was also taken into account. Now it’s time to start looking at the useful qualities of specific aggregates – we tried to collect as much information as possible for each of them.

Engine capacity no more than 450 CC


10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

It does not have a very powerful engine, so it will not be possible to develop too much speed, but for urban conditions, this product is just perfect. The unit is designed to meet the needs of an ordinary user who needs to get from one point to another with minimal time spent. Comfort and reliability at altitude, regardless of the speed at which the driver is traveling. In terms of appearance, the scooter has some similarities with a car – it has rather large main headlights with an oblong shape. Front center is an imitation of the radiator grille. The driver’s panel is liquid crystal, it displays speedometer readings, the amount of fuel remaining in the tank, and provides an indication of the oil pressure in the system.

In the basic configuration, you can also find a sound system that is reliably protected from moisture, which is equipped with four speakers and an MP3 player at once, and a USB connector located directly under the steering wheel is provided in the glove compartment. Hands are placed on the steering wheel with maximum comfort, so even a long trip will not be tedious. The lower footrest allows you to position your legs in any form – you can straighten them or, on the contrary, keep them bent. The scooter is equipped with a four-stroke engine, the volume of which is 250 cubic meters.cm, fuel supply system of injection type, liquid engine cooling system is provided. The maximum power that the scooter can develop reaches 22.5 horsepower, the maximum speed is 130 km / h, and the fuel tank capacity is 12.5 liters.

  • Quite adequate cost of the model;
  • Develops high speed;
  • Very comfortable ride;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Roomy glove compartment.
  • The suspension is a little stiff – the driver will feel even small bumps.

4. Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 Sport LT E4

10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

Quite an interesting model of Italian production. It differs in insignificant overall dimensions. The engine capacity is 300 CC – as users note, this parameter is optimal for the conditions of the city and the nearest suburb. The maximum power that this scooter can develop is 22 horsepower, which allows the device to accelerate to a speed of 120 km / h. The main point that distinguishes this unit from other models included in our rating is the presence of two wheels in the front. At the same time, the design turned out to be not only unique, but also very maneuverable. The safety of the unit is at the highest level. At the heart of the front suspension is a frame made in the form of a parallelogram. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, on the back side you can find two shock absorbers that have a preliminary adjustment.

The chassis here is also quite interesting – with their help you can enter turns, deviating from the vertical axis by about 40 degrees. The undercarriage is based on a reinforced frame made of steel pipes. The wheels are aluminum, the brake discs are enlarged, the brakes are triggered when the corresponding pedal is pressed. The engine consumes little fuel and is equipped with a CVT transmission. The scooter has an enlarged head optics, the windscreen is adjustable, and a digital display displays a lot of data.

  • The original design;
  • Carefully designed ergonomics, so you can easily travel long distances;
  • Superior security;
  • Accelerates to high speeds;
  • Reliable – does not need frequent repairs.
  • A decent mass of the unit.

3. INNOCEMTI Radium 300i

10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

An attractive and interesting model from an Italian company with a worldwide reputation. The company has been manufacturing such products for many years. In the process of designing this unit, engineers paid special attention to its attractive appearance, ergonomics of control and landing, maneuverability and wind protection. The scooter has 16-inch wheels – not every passenger car is equipped with wheels of this diameter. The windscreen has such a shape that it easily cuts off air flows from the driver, so it is permissible to use a helmet with 70% overlap, in other words, it is not necessary to protect the chin. On the front side there are two headlights of rather large dimensions: the first is designed for low – beam lighting, the second-for long-range. At the same time, the light spot is not too large, so it may not be enough at a significant speed.

The engine capacity is 300 CC, which provides 27 Nm of thrust. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes very little time. The seat is located at a slight slope to the steering wheel, is characterized by an average level of rigidity, has good orthopedic qualities – the lower back will not get tired even during a long trip. The glove compartment does not have a large capacity, but everything you need on the road fits there with ease.

  • The ergonomics of the windscreen are well thought out;
  • Easily accelerates to 100 km / h;
  • Optimal engine capacity;
  • Anatomic seat with a slight slope towards the steering wheel.
  • The button for turning on the turn signals is located directly under the horn, so it is not very convenient to press it.

2. Sym Maxsym 400i

10 best maxiscooters: rating of Maxi scooters 2021 TOP 10

Versatile two-wheeled products that are perfect for both short trips within the city and far beyond. The seat here is double, each part of it is equipped with a passenger back. It will support the lower back in the correct position, do not let it get tired during many hours of driving. At the same time, the seat itself is two – level-it turns out that the passenger will be slightly higher than the driver. The front side of the product is equipped with sufficiently large headlights, Parking lights are made on the basis of led filament. All this looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible, a little like motorcycles from the Japanese company Yamaha. The steering wheel has a plastic cover that does not slip in the hands at all, the dashboard is illuminated with a soft blue glow in the dark. Despite the fact that the products turned out to be quite large, it is quite easy to manage them.

The scooter’s center of gravity is low, so it enters corners optimally. Only the Central stand acts as a tilt limiter here. When performing a steep turn, it is well felt that the rear part of the developers turned out to be much heavier than the front. The scooter’s braking system is simply excellent – both the front and rear brakes work well, and the model is equipped with an ABS system. The engine is equipped with only one cylinder, allowing the unit to accelerate up to 140 km / h or up to 160 km / h if the driver is traveling without a passenger. The windscreen functions optimally, but you won’t be able to adjust it to fit your height.

  • It behaves perfectly both in city traffic and on the highway;
  • It accelerates quickly;
  • Reliable braking system;
  • High power of the unit;
  • The original shape of the seat.
  • You won’t be able to adjust the windscreen and adjust it to fit your own height.
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