10 best leasing companies in Moscow

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Leasing, at first glance, is an incomprehensible word, but its essence is simple: it’s like a long-term installment plan. According to the documents, you take the property for rent, Deposit money in fixed payments during the contract and buy it back at the end of the lease agreement. Leasing is the best option for purchasing equipment, heavy and mining equipment. It has no interest rate, only a fixed amount specified under the contract. It can be used by individuals, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities and corporate companies. In our rating, we have collected the best companies in Moscow in terms of leasing conditions, stability and financial benefits.

TOP 10 best leasing companies in Moscow

10 Raiffeisen-Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

Raiffeisen-Leasing was founded in 2000. The owner of the company – JSC “Raiffeisenbank”. The leasing portfolio is RUB 18,278 million. The company belongs to the category of universal companies. It has a wide range of leasing services for various situations and budgets. The work takes place at different economic levels. The company works with the industrial, lifting, construction, and food industries. The following segments also make up an important financial part:railway, passenger and freight transport. The main office is located in Moscow, with branches in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar.

The company is designed to work with legal entities. According to the terms, the latter must be on the market for at least two years and must have a positive profit balance and turnover three times more than the amount under the lease contract. In exchange for compliance with all conditions, Raiffeisen Leasing provides the right to an advance payment from 0 to 30%, a lease term of two to ten years, two types of interest rates, and different currencies (dollar, Euro, and ruble). You can also set several payment options: regular, descending, and seasonal. The decision on financing is made within 24 hours.

9 UniCredit Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

UniCredit leasing was one of the first Companies to enter the Russian market. It appeared in the country as early as 1996. The main shareholder is UniCredit Bank JSC. The leasing portfolio is 40,495 million rubles. For 23 years, the leasing company has proven its reliability and stability. This is confirmed by its ratings. Over the past five years, it has been receiving a high status of financial reliability with a stable Outlook for the future. The firm works with all levels of business, from small to international. The main directions are quite narrow, but they provide better service than many other companies. Service packages cover the following segments: special equipment, rolling stock, various equipment, light and freight transport.

The company offers a variety of convenient solutions for customers. Among them is the opportunity to make the schedule of payments independently. This allows you to make each contact more personal, taking into account the client’s interests. UniCredit Leasing works with several currencies: rubles, euros, and dollars. This makes cooperation with international companies easier. There is a possibility of a redemption payment. The leasing registration system is simple: item selection, application submission, approval, and first payment.

8 Gazprombank Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company is a part of Gazprombank joint stock company. It acts as a partner of Gazprom in the field of leasing transactions. The work takes place all over the territory of the Russian Federation. The total number of branches in Russia is 24, with more than 350 distribution locations. Gazprombank Leasing entered the market in 2003. The leasing portfolio is 192,623 million rubles. The company is rated as a financially reliable company with a high level of creditworthiness. This means that the company’s capital and business are minimally affected by external factors. The risk management system is also in excellent condition. Therefore, in the event of serious fluctuations, it is much easier for a company to get out of a crisis or financial problems than for others. The system is recognized as one of the most reliable in Russia and Europe.

Gazprombank Leasing offers a wide range of opportunities in leasing packages. Some of them include leasing of real estate and motor vehicles for individuals. However, the company pays special attention to industry solutions, such as metallurgy, energy, mechanical engineering, oil production and processing, mining enterprises, and agriculture. The company offers many special leasing programs that will allow you to develop your business at a new level.

7 Alfa-Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company was born in 1998 and is the largest non-state leasing company in Russia. It works with various sectors of the economy, from small businesses to international companies. Alfa-Leasing is part of the Alfa Group consortium. For many years, the company has maintained its status as one of the most reliable companies. It has stable funding and a stable Outlook for the future. The leasing portfolio is 149,057 million rubles. The company operates in Moscow and other regions. Its representative office is located in 17 major cities of the country. Leasing services for special equipment, cars and trucks are provided for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Alfa-Leasing offers the following leasing services for corporate businesses: railway transport, real estate, equipment and aircraft. A separate package is provided for taxis in taxi companies with the offered level of cars “economy” and “comfort”. Individuals are not given this variety: they can only enter into a personal car leasing contract for a period of one year or more. Alfa-Leasing has several distinct advantages. The company provides up to 20% of tax benefits, and it does not have a hidden Commission. The company has agreements with many car manufacturers, so it has an excellent discount system in the car segment.

6 TransFin-M

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company was founded in 2005 by the Russian Railways non-state pension Fund Blagosostoyanie. The leasing portfolio is 280,058 million rubles. The company received an average level of reliability with a note that it still belongs to developing firms. This means that the firm is affected by fluctuations in the market. And, despite the fact that there are no complaints or court cases about it, you should be more careful when drawing up a contract. But if you do not take into account the rating, then you should pay attention to the fact that the company occupies one of the leading places in Moscow. A good level of development has not been hidden from the European Commission, and TransFin-M is recognized as one of the top twenty leasing companies in Europe.

The main service packages are provided in the areas of machinery for the metallurgical, coal industry, railway transport, industrial equipment, commercial real estate, air, water and land transport. Among the features: 500 car models, railway transport aged up to 10 years, customs clearance of equipment and leasing without VAT at the international level. Additional services for operating railcars can be obtained from subsidiaries “TFM-Operator” and “TFM-TRANS”.

5 Europlan

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company was established in 1999 and until 2004 worked under the name “Delta-Leasing”. All this time it is one of the market leaders. It is registered as a separate legal entity, being a subsidiary of PJSC Europlan. The leasing portfolio is RUB 84,397 million. The company has been repeatedly awarded European awards as the best leasing company. In Europe, it occupies one of the leading places in terms of reliability. In Russia, the company has its representative offices in more than 70 regions. The main specialization is car leasing, which includes special equipment, trucks and cars, and commercial vehicles. More than 60 car manufacturers participate in the leasing program. The company’s main focus is on small and medium-sized businesses. But its clients also include large international companies.

Europlan provides a full package of services for legal entities and individuals. It can be called a minus that the company has a limited specialization. But at the same time, it allows you to get the best car leasing services. One of the features of Europlan is that a set of additional services is added to the basic service. They include: registration in the state traffic Inspectorate of cars, in Gostekhnadzor-self-propelled vehicles, full transport insurance, roadside assistance programs, fuel program and the possibility of redemption.

4 VTB Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company was founded in 2002. The main shareholder, which is logical, is VTB Bank OJSC, whose authorized capital reaches 15 billion rubles. Leasing portfolio – 575 479 million rubles. The company operates in 59 regions of the country, as well as in Belarus, Ireland and Cyprus. VTB Leasing was awarded the title “Best leasing company of the year”, it is the leader of the car segment in Russia. According to statistics, it also holds leading positions in the following industries: trucks, railway trains, air transport, equipment for oil and gas production and processing. In addition, the company is also engaged in real estate. Works with all B2B segments.

One of the main advantages of VTB Leasing is a variety of leasing programs. An individual approach to each client allows you to choose the best package of services in accordance with your wishes and financial capabilities. In addition, the company has a simplified system for submitting documents: you can sign them even from anywhere in the world. The company likes to please customers not only with additional discounts, but also with bonuses. For example, a fuel program at a favorable price will be added to the issued car lease. Among the disadvantages, the short lease term stands out: after the conclusion of the contract, it can not last more than 10 years. This is an unprofitable offer for large and expensive projects.

3 WEB leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company was founded in Moscow in 2003. Now it is fully owned by Vnesheconombank. Leasing portfolio – 374 076 million rubles. The main goal of the company is to support the domestic manufacturer and the development of infrastructure in the city. The number of work directions is large, so the conditions for each type are unique. In the passenger car segment, a 10% down payment is required. But the company provides individuals and legal entities with the opportunity to get a discount from the manufacturer. The list of cars includes about 20 types. Special equipment can be obtained under a contract lasting up to four years, with a mandatory fee of 20%. It takes five days to complete the required documents.

For freight transport, the mandatory fee is from 20% with a possible further increase in price. But in this part, you can make your own payment schedule. When making a lease for equipment, all payments are made only after the equipment is put into operation. In the category of air transport, the company offers a variety of flexible service packages, it is possible to arrange international leasing. VEB-leasing also deals with water, passenger transport and rolling stock. All forms can be filled out online.

2 Sberbank Leasing

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

A fast-growing leasing company. Over the past year, its turnover has almost doubled. An experienced and proven company that has been on the market since 1993. Leasing portfolio – 602 210 million rubles. The company uses only one shareholder in its operations – Sberbank Online. The company’s goal is to update and modernize most niches of Russian business. A wide representative network will help you find a branch in almost any city. The company has a wide range of products: real estate, water and air transport of foreign and domestic companies, cars of various types and directions.

Among all industries, special attention is paid to the automotive sector. In this category, Sberbank Leasing provides many additional features in the form of special offers or discounts. After submitting the necessary package of documents for leasing, the company reviews the transaction for at least 8 hours. There were cases when the duration of the process was up to two weeks. Sberbank Leasing works with both individuals and legal entities. The duration of contracts is from one to three years. Therefore, the company is often chosen for short-term leasing. You can get everything you need through the app and track changes there.

1 State Transport Leasing Company

10 best leasing companies in Moscow

The company, unlike others in the rating, is engaged not only in intermediary services, but also in the development of the transport system in Russia. On the market, it is considered one of the most reliable. Moreover, its main investor since 2001 is the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation. Therefore, there is no doubt about the firm’s stability in the market. If we talk about numbers, the leasing portfolio of the company – 925 843 million rubles. The company develops in a large number of fields of activity. All of the major leasing products aimed at the sphere of ensuring of transportation: rail, water and air transport. The company’s areas of interest also include infrastructure development, support for trucks and motor vehicles.

The company has many advantages that make it the best among its peers. The period of working with any transaction begins immediately after receiving the necessary documents with the application. It is possible to avoid property tax, but in this case the leased object remains the property of STLC during the term of the contract. Under the terms of the contract, the opportunity to take a lease is opened for legal entities after the company has been on the market for a year. Individual entrepreneurs have a longer term-from three years. You also need an official confirmation of the possibility of paying the amount specified in the agreement. You can check and calculate everything yourself using the calculator on the company’s website.

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