10 best kitchen knife sets

Varieties and purpose of knives for home cooking

10 best kitchen knife sets

Any manufacturers and modifications of knives are now available on the market. It is easy to get confused, because the price range is very different: the same-looking instruments can differ in price by dozens of times. One will cost like a loaf of bread, and the other will cost the entire salary.

There are three main types of kitchen knife manufacturers that may be of interest to the average person:

  • European premium and mid-price segment (vintage brands-founders of Wusthof, Mayer&Boch, Zwilling J. A. Henckels, F. Dick, Shun, Evercut, Sabatier, Victorinox, Arcos, professional tools, modern high-tech mass market brands Tramontina, Opinel, Fissler, Bohmann, Mallony, Rondell);
  • Japanese high-end knives for Japanese national cuisine (several brands that grew out of the family business, most often from the gun craft: Masahiro, Kanetsugu, Hiromoto, Aritsugi, Kasumi, Hattori, Kikuichi);
  • Japanese tools for the European market: Misono, Global (knives made of Japanese steel, but the usual shape for Europeans and with functions in demand for Western cuisine).

In the kitchen, even the most unassuming owners meet:

  • chef’s knife, chef’s knife, chef’s knife — the main knife of the kitchen trio required in the household: a wide blade with a length of 20-25 cm (most often 21 cm, which corresponds to the standard of 8 inches) for working with any products;
  • versatile: with a medium-length blade of 12-15 cm (standard 5-6 inches), which is suitable for slicing most foods;
  • serreytorny: 20-30 cm long with obligatory notches and a wave along the cutting edge to cut, without crushing products with a hard surface, but tender pulp (bread, pastries, cakes, tomatoes, citrus fruits, pineapples, etc.);
  • loin: long from 15 cm, with notches or laser cut for cutting meat and fish, separating bones from pulp;
  • vegetable: no more than 8-10 cm (3-4 in) long, they are convenient to peel and slice fruits and vegetables for serving;
  • dessert: for spreading butter, pates, jams, etc. with a short blade of 8-10 cm and a rounded end;
  • hatchet: for cutting meat and fish, chopping cabbage, etc. operations where a heavy appliance is needed.

Professionals in the kitchen have their own knife for every product and function. Indeed, there are whole sets on sale that are designed to work with different products:

  • for bread;
  • for vegetables;
  • for fruits;
  • for meat;
  • for fish;
  • for greenery, etc.

Food preparation works that are performed with kitchen knives:

  • sirloin cut up;
  • chefs shred, cut;
  • slicers are cut into slices;
  • hatchets cut through solid foods;
  • dessert spread soft foods;
  • serratore notch hard surface without damaging the flesh inside;
  • vegetables are cleaned and cut into slices, suitable for carving.

There is a concept of “chef’s Troika” — this is a kind of kitchen trio of knives that can be used to perform most operations without compromising the quality of cooking. These include:

  • chief;
  • universal;
  • vegetable shop.

If only a woman cooks in the kitchen, then you can do with a duet of a universal knife that fits comfortably in a woman’s palm, and a vegetable knife. If a man — then a duet of chef and vegetable. It turns out that the first two knives from the “chef’s Troika” are interchangeable, in fact, they are distinguished more by their size than by the set of operations performed.

Types of materials for knives

There are two main materials for making blades so far:

  • forged or stamped steel from various alloys (there are famous Japanese alloys that differ in the color of packaging paper, there are German stainless steel, Swiss, Brazilian, etc.);
  • ceramics made of zirconium dioxide (powder made of crushed zirconium with impurities when heated acquires strength almost like that of a diamond).

Heavily advertised titanium knives are more of a marketing gimmick. Their market share worldwide is minimal, as the cost is comparable to the price of professional knives made of superalloy steel, which are much more effective than titanium knives in all respects, except for the absorption of smell, since titanium is chemically neutral.

Steel blades made of alloys are found in three types::

  • high-carbon;
  • stainless steel;
  • high-alloy and stainless steel alloy.

Ceramic blades made of zirconium powder are distinguished:

  • white ones;
  • black ones.

The latter are considered stronger and sharper.

Criteria for choosing a knife

In fact, there are only two criteria for optimal selection:

  • convenience in work: that the knife was “on the hand” and remained sharp longer;
  • the price you are willing to pay for it.

These are the most important points, then there are nuances. But they are also important. You can focus on reviews, reviews and ratings, but the feeling of a knife in your hand should be decisive.

What steel is used to make the best kitchen knives for your home

To find out how to choosekitchenknife forat home, to which pagesteelat the same time, pay attention, it is worth studying the varieties of this metal used for slicing food.

10 best kitchen knife sets

The thin and sharp blades of Japanese knives have one-sided sharpening, which allows them to be used for absolutely any products.

  1. Stainless steel. This is the standard choice of many people and chefs to work at home. This material requires frequent sharpening (about once a month), but otherwise it is not picky.
  2. Carbon steel. It is rarely used for domestic purposes, more often they are looked at by chefs who are professionals in their field. This type of product has an advantage in terms of cutting hardness and sharpening durability, but it does not withstand strong mechanical pressure and is prone to corrosion. It reacts to an acidic environment – a patina appears on the surface, it does not negatively affect the quality, in some ways even makes it better.
  3. Ceramics. More suitable as an addition to the main kit. It is characterized by fragility and difficulty in sharpening, but it is extremely rare to sharpen.

10 best kitchen knife sets

Professional kitchen knives are the main tool in the hands of chefs.

If the manufacturer is China, it does not mean that this option is not suitable, there are also high-quality products. You just need to know reliable manufacturers.

10 best kitchen knife sets

Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of products, among which it is easy to get lost.

The best Chinese kitchen knives and their advantages

Not all Chinesecompanythey are of low quality and “disposable”. Although there is a lot of talk that large companies only develop projects at home, and the products themselves are made in China using these technologies and then transported around the world. In fact, there are models that have the right to life, they are rectangular knives, something like a cleaver.

10 best kitchen knife sets

Ergonomic and comfortable dimensions allow you to comfortably hold the object in the palm of your hand.

Some of them on sale are called “Tsai Dao cleavers”, which are distinguished by their versatility, because of their form factor. This is an ability:

  • slice it;
  • grind (including into minced meat);
  • to crush (garlic);
  • to do the slices;
  • beat off the meat;
  • grind the spices (with the back of the handle).

10 best kitchen knife sets

Chinese chef’s tool-it is distinguished by a rectangular blade, the second name is “cleaver”.

That is, it differs greatly from the European and Japanese types: in width, tip with a blade, lack of a blade, and method of use. This is a fairly strong product that does not require frequent sharpening, if it is mainly not difficult work (not cutting bones or cartilage).

10 best kitchen knife sets

The knife point is slightly rounded, so chopping and slicing is done quickly.

Best manufacturers

  • 1Zwilling J. A. Henckels is a premium German brand founded in 1731. In the production of knives, the company uses innovative technologies, which makes cutting tools unique. The company has 11 different series, as well as all kinds of accessories, cutting boards and luxury kitchen accessories.
  • 2Samura is a young Russian company that made its first steps on the market in 2003. In her Arsenal of 20 series of different knives. Among the most popular are HARAKIRI, DAMASCUS and ECO CERAMIC. Both steel and ceramic knives are presented, which are distinguished by impeccable sharpness.
  • 3Tojiro is a Japanese brand of a well-known company that was founded in 1953. The knives of this company meet high quality standards due to the fact that they are sharpened by hand.Not the last role is played by their ergonomics and appearance.
  • 4Forever is a Japanese company that produces both traditional Asian and European knives. They combine good quality and a more affordable price compared to other brands from this country.
  • 5GiPFEL is a brand from Germany that is associated with the highest quality. The brand is relatively young, since it appeared in 1997. Today, it offers kitchen accessories and utensils that are selected by experts in the field.

Also trustworthy: BergHoff, Rondell, Tefal, Bohmann, Nadoba.

The materials of blades

From what material the blade is made, the properties of a kitchen knife directly depend: its hardness, wear resistance and ability to keep sharpening. The most common blades are made of steel, which can be stainless, carbon or high-carbon.

Knives with blades made ofcarbon steel(Carbon steel) are attractive in price, keep sharpening for a long time and cut well even in a blunt form. Their disadvantages include the fact that when they come into contact with this metal, some products acquire a characteristic “iron” taste, as well as susceptibility to corrosion. To maintain the neat appearance of such a knife, it should be washed and wiped dry immediately after use.

On tools frommade of stainless steel(Stainless steel) does not appear spots and rust, but they require regular sharpening. If a stainless steel knife has a serrated serrated blade, then you will not be able to sharpen it – you will have to change it to a new one.

Knives with blades made ofhigh-carbon steel(High carbon steel) are characterized by high hardness, sharpness and do not rust, but they are more expensive than more “simple” analogues.

Premium-class products include models made of multi-layerDamascus steelwith a characteristic wavy pattern on the surface. It appears due to the combination of hard and soft, corrosion-resistant types of metal in the blade. Such knives are of high quality, they keep sharpening for a long time, but they are quite expensive.

In addition to steel knives, kitchen knives withwith ceramic blades. These products do not lose their sharpness over time, are not subject to rust and do not give food an extraneous taste.

10 best kitchen knife sets

The main disadvantage of ceramics: high brittleness. Such a tool is primarily designed for cutting soft foods – if you try to cut even a small chicken bone with it, the blade can split. For the same reason, ceramic knives are not recommended for use on glass cutting boards.

Handle materials

A comfortable and high-quality handle is no less important for a knife than a blade. It should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, be strong and durable. The market offers tools with handles made of different materials: wood, plastic or metal.

Models withmetal handlesthey are durable, have a long service life, are not afraid of moisture and mechanical damage. The main disadvantage of such a product is its rather significant weight.

Wooden handleit is pleasant to the touch, does not weigh down the knife and does not slip in the hand, but requires careful care. Over time, the wood may crack, absorb moisture or grease. To extend the service life of such a tool, it will have to be thoroughly washed and wiped immediately.

Unpretentious, lightweight and durable models withplastic handles. To prevent slipping and make the knife more comfortable, manufacturers often put a rubber coating on top of the plastic. These tools also have their own special feature: in some models, you can’t see how deep the blade goes into the handle. If the blade does not reach its end, but is fixed at the edge, the knife can quickly become loose and become unusable.

HATTORI HD Series-Damascus steel for fine workmanship

A luxury series of Japanese knives is represented by blades made of 63 layers of Damascus steel with a core made of stainless alloy V-Gold No. 10.

16 types of knives from this family are supplied to our market – all with European symmetrical sharpening. The handles are made of wood-plastic composite Pakka, which is not afraid of water and does not absorb odors.


  • Incredibly strong thanks to the dense core and, of course, the Damascus steel lining;
  • They have very sharp and flexible blades that provide a comfortable cut;
  • Equally convenient for right-handed and left-handed users;
  • The narrow handles fit well in a woman’s palm;
  • The edges of the blades are not chipped after a few sharpenings;
  • They are easily and quickly sharpened, and you will have to do this infrequently-only 2-3 times a year.


  • The blades are afraid of moisture, and therefore after washing the knives you need to wipe dry and preferably lubricate with oil;
  • If you get on the bone, you can get micro-notches on the edge (the same thing will happen when slicing frozen food).

WUESTHOF Epicure-practical knives for slicing delicate products

The recently updated series of the German brand includes both individual knives and whole sets with a “deck” or magnetic Board included. The creators tried to combine in them all the best that is in Japanese and European blades: ease of cutting, reliability and safety.

For the production of blades, the x50crmov15 steel, beloved by German manufacturers, is used here, which is subjected to additional quenching and forging.


  • Wide blades for better balancing;
  • Optimally selected characteristics of steel – it is moderately strong, but not brittle, so you can not be afraid of notches;
  • Laser “Japanese” sharpening at an angle of 15° provides easy and accurate cutting of even soft products;
  • A monolithic shank that is integrated with the blade.


  • Because of the features of steel, the blades quickly blunt, however, they are also easily and effortlessly corrected.

MASAHIRO Hi-Tech-super-hard knives, chefs ‘ favorites

One of the most beautiful series of knives from the Japanese manufacturer stands out from the others with an enviable hardness of 63 HRC.

Of course, with such a record value, the blade will not be flexible, so these knives are better used for chopping and work that does not require filigree. Another feature of Masahiro Hi-Tech is the asymmetrical sharpening, traditional for Japan.


  • Extra sharp blades with a minimum sharpening angle (10-15°);
  • They don’t stay stupid for long;
  • Good corrosion resistance, despite the use of high-carbon steel;
  • All-metal handles – these will definitely not crack or fall apart;
  • Always carefully balanced.


  • There may be pitting “sores” on the surface of the blade, so these knives should be provided with proper care.

Chef’s knife 18 cm Tojiro (F-807)

10 best kitchen knife sets

This is a universal Japanese knife, with an 18-cm blade made of VG10 steel with double-sided sharpening, hardness 60 HRC.

It has a curved cutting edge (plain). Based on the feedback from chefs, this model has excellent geometry and balance.

The classic-shaped handle should be suitable for any type of grip, although we recommend holding this knife before making a purchase decision.

Handle material ― stabilized wood (EcoWood), does not absorb odors and pleasant to the touch.

This is a good “Japanese” and there is no better model in the budget tojiro line. Its price borders on the” ceiling ” of the category and starts from 5000 rubles. Although during the sales season, you can find it cheaper.

Tramontina Century chef’s knife

10 best kitchen knife sets

The second place is taken by an inexpensive, but very good knife from the famous brand Tramontina. In domestic stores, you can find about a hundred knives of this company, but there are only a few good models.

This is an 8-inch European-style chef’s knife. The blade is made of Krupp stainless steel, class AUS-8, hardness 55 units. Weight-250 grams.

The handle has a universal shape and size. Judging by numerous customer reviews, it is suitable for both small and large hands, as well as for any grip. Well balanced. The design is classic, discreet, but solid.

There are practically no restrictions on usage. A real utility knife, which alone can cover 95% of the possible amount of work.

This is the most affordable knife in our rating: only 1800 rubles.

Chef’s knife Samura Mo-V SM-0094

10 best kitchen knife sets

Santoku from the company in the case of Samura takes the first place in our rating.

Japanese design, complemented by European technologies, is both effective and practical.

The handle made of polymer material G10 is resistant to wear and fits comfortably in the hand, has an excellent balance.

The AUS-8 stainless steel blade, with a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 units, has double-sided sharpening and special grooves above the cutting edge, which fight the sticking of food when cutting.

An antimicrobial bolster is located between them. And with the help of its butt, it is very convenient to pour chopped pieces of vegetables or meat from the cutting Board.

Like other knives of this manufacturer, the mo-V chef’s knife is a model that compares favorably with others in terms of price-quality ratio.

For 3,480 rubles, you get a kitchen tool of the level of professional chefs. For that kind of money, you won’t find a better knife.

Mayer & Boch 26846

10 best kitchen knife sets

An indispensable assistant in the kitchen will be a Chinese Mayer knife & Boch 26846. It is sold at the most affordable price, although experts note the excellent quality of the tool. First of all, cooks distinguish the wedge-shaped cross-section of the knife, so that the cutting edge remains sharp for a long time. It is also convenient to maintain, the blade surface is easy to clean, does not absorb food odors. The use of stainless steel prevented the formation of rust deposits.

Kitchen knife with a blade length of 12.5 cm is suitable for cutting meat, fish and chicken, for cleaning and chopping vegetables and fruits. The product also managed to win the rating due to the ergonomic handle, it fits comfortably in the hand of any size and does not slip when working.

Rondell Falkata RD-329

10 best kitchen knife sets

The German Rondell Falkata RD-329 knife is almost as good as the winner of the rating. But due to the higher price, experts gave the product only the second place. The cutting tool is made for both hands, it has an anatomical shape of the handle and excellent balancing. For the manufacture of the blade, the manufacturer used alloyed stainless steel.

The chefs highly appreciated the double-sided sharpening of the blade, which allows you to successfully cope with cutting meat, chicken and fish, as well as quickly clean and cut vegetables and fruits. At the same time, smooth cutting and easy maintenance are noted. Its surface is easily cleaned of grease and food residues under running water or using household detergents. It will not be difficult for a diligent owner to sharpen the blade.

SAMURA Harakiri SHR-0023

10 best kitchen knife sets

The Japanese knife SAMURA Harakiri SHR-0023 got to the top three. For a universal kitchen knife, the price is too high, which did not allow to become a winner. Experts have no special complaints about the quality. The blade length (15 cm) is enough to handle most products. Perfect sharpening of the cutting edge allows you to solve a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. But still, the station wagon is not designed for working with large pieces of meat or for cutting bones.

The combination of strength and ductility of the blade deserves high praise. The kitchen knife is not afraid of a large transverse load, the sharpness of the blade remains for a long time. In the user reviews, along with the advantages, the high price of the product and the need for regular maintenance are noted.

VICTORINOX chef’s knife Fibrox

Of course, first of all, the Swiss brand is associated with Swiss folding knives, but for the kitchen they have a considerable range of knives – and in the “Amateur” series (model indexes start with 5), and in the “professional” (“seven”). The 25-cm “chef” with a handle made of proprietary fibrox elastomer is relatively inexpensive, but it will not disappoint in the kitchen – it is ergonomic, light enough for its dimensions and, of course, is not afraid of moisture: after all, the “inox” in the company name obliges this.

Due to the use of monolithic rolled products instead of laminate or Damascus, the chef’s knife became cheaper, but they did not save on the steel itself: Krupp molybdenum-vanadium steel X50CrMoV15 was used. Carbon in its composition by knife standards is not so much (0.5%), but it provides elasticity and viscosity of the blade without any special tricks, if it is possible to harden it to a sufficiently high hardness – around 56 HRC. The indicator is not a record, but in the kitchen it is quite sufficient. As for corrosion resistance, let’s just say: this steel (as well as its direct analogues) is also used in medicine, among other things, where the requirements for corrosion resistance significantly exceed the kitchen ones.

But it is difficult to sharpen knives made of this steel just because of the viscosity – it is physically sharpened easily, but the Burr that gathers on the cutting edge prevents it from being “ideal” – such a blade cannot be brought out to such razor sharpness as knives made of steels like VG-10.

  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Good sharpening resistance
  • Ergonomics
  • Some complexity of sharpening (although if You are not a perfectionist and are not going to cut a micron-thick fillet, you will not notice this)

9.4 / 10 rating reviews the Knife is comfortable, cuts well. It cleans without any problems – not a hint of rust for all the time.

FISKARS шеф-нож Functional Form

Yes, this brand is especially not associated with kitchen knives – but not with single axes! And in its relatively compact “chef”, Fiskars demonstrates its typically Scandinavian approach-simply, efficiently and at an affordable price. The knife is light (89 g) and comfortable in the hand-Yes, the proprietary Softgrip coating unwittingly refers to Finnish axes. The blade is made of inexpensive stainless steel and hardened to a hardness in the region of 51-53 HRC-Yes, it will have to be corrected with Musat more often, but in General, by the standards of budget knives, this is normal. Well, you can wash this chef’s knife at least manually, even in the car without any problems.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Good factory sharpening
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Traditionally beloved by Scandinavians, stainless steel will also traditionally require regular editing.

Models in the product line:

  • FISKARS шеф-нож Functional Form– 16 cm
  • FISKARS шеф-нож Functional Form– 20 cm

9.1 / 10 Rating Reviews a good-Quality and convenient kitchen knife, a typical “working Scandinavian” without any special bells and whistles.

Tefal ice force bread knife

The name of the Ice Force series was given by the technology of their quenching: the heated part is cooled to a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius. As a result, when using the same material (Tefal does not provide the exact brand of stainless steel used) as on the more “simple” series of knives of the same company, it is possible to increase the hardness of the cutting edge and the sharpening resistance. Even if it’s a bread knife.

The kitchen knife fits well in the hand, the plastic handle pads are well fitted to the molded base. And do not forget that the company on all knives in this series gives a ten-year guarantee for breakage-a nice “bonus”.

  • Manufacturing quality
  • Competent geometry serrating blade
  • 10-year warranty
  • Is that the price for not the most demanding to the design of a kitchen knife

9.6 / 10 rating Reviews Made beautifully, without obvious flaws, cuts equally well and fresh bread, and standing.

Kanetsugu 21 Excel

10 best kitchen knife sets

The set from the Japanese manufacturer includes three knives made of high-quality stainless steel. You don’t have to sharpen them. The devices are equipped with a single-sided serretoy micro-sharpening, which ensures constant sharpness of the blades. The handles have a traditional shape and are made of wood.

Number in set 3
Blade/handle material Steel/wood
Types of knives in the set 2 Santoku, chef’s knife

Canaot 4 491 up to 4 990 rubles.

  • value for money;
  • lungs;
  • convenient;
  • they cut perfectly.
  • missing items.

I have long paid attention to knives that do not require sharpening. I chose this set. Everything is fine, cut aggressively, you can feel the quality. Tactile pleasant handles, it is a pleasure to use these knives.


10 best kitchen knife sets

The set includes three knives, the blades of which are made of high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to the wedge-shaped cross-section, the blades remain sharp for a long time. The appliances are easy to clean and do not absorb food odors. Stylized wood handle is actually made of high-quality plastic. The handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Number in set 3
Blade/handle material Steel / plastic
Types of knives in the set Universal, cutting, chef

Pricesfrom 449 to 720 rubles.

  • sharp;
  • stylish appearance;
  • they don’t bend;
  • inexpensive ones.
  • not detected.

Very good set. All knives are sharp, sharp enough for a long time. In appearance, they are stylish and beautiful.

Rondell Urban

10 best kitchen knife sets

The set includes three steel knives. The instrument handle is plastic with rubberized inserts, which provides convenient coverage. The kit includes a cutting Board made of plastic. The knife holder has a vacuum suction Cup, which allows you to conveniently fix it on the surface and sharpen the blades with comfort.

Number in set 3
Blade/handle material Steel / plastic
Types of knives in the set Universal, for vegetables, chef

Prices from 1,465 to 2,044 rubles.

  • convenient;
  • feels good in your hand;
  • great knife holder.
  • it is not revealed.

Convenient knives, they are convenient to use, the blade does not bend. I use it daily. Also a sharpener in the kit, the manufacturers have thought it all out well.

Samura ALFA SAF-0085/Y

Samura ALFA SAF-0085 / Y is a chef’s knife designed for cutting meat, fish, chopping vegetables and fruits. It is in the middle price segment and is produced in Russia using Japanese technology. The blade of the product is made in the European style and is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The blade length is 201 mm. The hardness of the blade on the Rockwell scale is 60. Consumers note that this is a very sharp knife with an exquisite design.

10 best kitchen knife sets

  • Sophisticated style,
  • Very sharp,
  • Keeps sharpening for a long time,
  • It is made of anti-corrosion steel.
  • Quite expensive.

Nadoba Marta 12.5 cm

The universal model from Nadoba tops the rating of kitchen knives in the budget segment. It is made of excellent premium stainless steel, sharpening is preserved for a long time. The optimal blade length is 12.5 cm. This allows you to actively use the tool in cooking many dishes. The tool is made of solid steel by hot forging technology, which improves the structure of the metal and makes it more wear-resistant.

The handle has a unique microrelief, thanks to which the tool does not slip out of your hands. The Rockwell hardness of the model is 56-58 HRC. The wedge-shaped profile of the blade ensures a uniform cutting force.

10 best kitchen knife sets


  • Low price (370 rubles);
  • 10-year warranty;
  • You can buy it in most stores;
  • Beautiful view.


The universal Nadoba blade is easy to maintain. It rarely requires sharpening and can be washed in the dishwasher. The manufacturer’s 10-year warranty ensures its long service life.

Kanetsugu 21 Excel 17 cm

Japanese kitchen blade of good quality. Santoku is a General-purpose tool that is used for chopping and slicing various foods. Thanks to the special micro-toothed sharpening of the cutting edge, it will cope with any task. The blade is made of durable 1K6 molybdenum-vanadium steel. When manufactured, it is subjected to cryoprocessing, thanks to which the tool is resistant to side loads, an even cut is ensured, and the sharpening resistance improves. The handle is made of wood impregnated with laminate resin, fits perfectly in a woman’s or man’s hand.

10 best kitchen knife sets


  • Unilateral microkeratome sharpening;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Beautiful view.


  • Can’t be sharpened by yourself;
  • Mounting the blade only half of the handle.

To make the tool last longer, the manufacturer recommends not cutting bones or frozen food with it. As a cutting Board, it is better not to take glass, metal or stone surfaces, but a standard wooden end Board.


If you want to buy a professional chef’s knife made of Damascus steel, then this product is for you. It has an unsurpassed sharpness and ergonomic design. The blade length is 25.5 centimeters. The knife is made in Japan and is included in the premium class. Hardness on the Rockwell scale-63, hardness-101. This knife is universal and can be used on products of different hardness.

10 best kitchen knife sets

  • Professional,
  • Effective,
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Very expensive.


The knife from the Japanese brand TOJIRO can be used for slicing vegetables and fruits, cheese and butter. It is completely made of carbon steel, which gives the product a special sharpness and keeps it for a long time. The blade length is 120 millimeters. The hardness of Rockfeller – 61. Layers of knife 3. The handle is made of special material, which does not allow the product to slip from your hand and fall. In addition, the blade is coated with an antibacterial composition that prevents bacteria from multiplying.

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10 best kitchen knife sets

Characteristics in the rating

Without a high-quality reliable knife, it is impossible to prepare even the simplest dish. Therefore, special attention is paid to their quality and sharpness. Many Housewives believe that it is easier to buy a set of good knives right away than to buy them separately. Moreover, now on sale you can see very decent sets that include all the necessary knives, and even convenient stands for storing them. When choosing the best option, you should read user reviews, since even well-known manufacturers do not always offer successful models. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully study the rating of the best sets of kitchen knives.

Top 10 best kitchen knife sets

10 FISKARS Essential

10 best kitchen knife sets

A fairly well-known brand FISKARS offers a set of knives that will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. With a simple design, the products have excellent characteristics-sharp, strong, durable. The blades are made of Japanese stainless steel, which has a hardness of 53 units on the S. Rockwell scale. The handle is made of polypropylene, has an ergonomic shape. Five knives-universal, Santoku, for vegetables, for cleaning, for bread are placed in a convenient stand.

You can’t find negative reviews about the kit. users are satisfied with the quality, convenience, and functionality of this kit. They consider it a disadvantage only that it is not possible to find it in all stores. And some Housewives would like to see a more original design.

9 Wusthof Gourmet

10 best kitchen knife sets

This set includes only three knives, but their quality is truly impeccable. They are made in Germany, by the well-known brand Wusthof. For the production of blades, a durable chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy X50CrMoV15 is used, they are sharpened manually using a special technology, due to which an impeccable sharpness is achieved. Knives of this manufacturer are chosen by many world-famous chefs. This set is designed for use at home, it includes three knives-universal, for slicing and chef.

There are no negative reviews about the quality of knives. Users do not like only two things – the very high price with a small set of accessories and the lack of a stand for vertical storage. Otherwise, there is simply nothing to complain about-the knives are sharp, very high-quality, durable and comfortable.

8 Nadoba Jana

10 best kitchen knife sets

A set of five knives with a stand is made in a concise, but at the same time bright style, perfectly fits into the interior of a modern kitchen. A useful feature can be called silicone inserts on the handles, which prevent slipping and accidental injuries during cooking. The set includes five knives – universal, Santoku, for vegetables, cutting, cooking. The stand is made of durable wood, covered with natural paint.

The advantages of the kit include a beautiful design, a stable stand, and an ergonomic shape of the handles. The knives are quite sharp and comfortable. The kit is compact and doesn’t take up too much space. But in some cases, there are negative reviews in which customers complain about the appearance of rust.


10 best kitchen knife sets

For those who can afford really high-quality knives, we can recommend a set of the famous Swiss brand VICTORINOX. It includes six knives – two options for cutting, for tomatoes, for meat, for bread, vegetables, as well as a cutting fork, kitchen scissors and a moussat for sharpening. The blades are made of very high-quality steel, the handles are made of pleasant-to-touch plastic. All this is very neatly placed in a convenient wooden stand.

There are not very many reviews about this set, as it is really expensive. But those users who have become happy owners of these knives, speak about them in the most positive way, especially noting the Swiss production.

6 Berlinger Haus Infinity line

10 best kitchen knife sets

This set immediately attracts users with a very interesting stylish design that fits perfectly into the interior of a modern kitchen. Also, the decisive factor when buying becomes a complete set of eight items – a bread knife, Santoku, universal, chef’s, cleaning, scissors and Musat (a tool for straightening knives). Both blades and handles are made of stainless steel.

In the reviews, users admire the truly stylish design of the kit. Those customers who use it recently often write about its ergonomic shape and sharp blades. But a few months after the start of operation, many people have complaints – stainless steel knives begin to rust.

5 Rondell Balestra

10 best kitchen knife sets

This set of knives can be considered as a practical gift for those who like to cook. A special color is given to it by an inclined wooden stand made of rubber, painted black on one side. The set includes four knives – chef’s, universal, for vegetables, for bread, as well as quite convenient kitchen scissors. The workmanship is quite good-double-sided sharpening, stainless steel X30Cr13, which has a hardness of 52-55 HRC on the Rockwell scale.

In reviews, users list the advantages of this set – sharp and convenient knives, a beautiful stand, good scissors. The stand is compact, takes up little space in the kitchen. The disadvantage is the high cost.

4 Taller York

10 best kitchen knife sets

The manufacturer of kitchen utensils Taller offers not only high-quality knives made of stainless steel, but also a convenient storage system for them. The magnetic bar is fixed directly on the wall above the workplace. The knife is returned to its place with a light flick of the hand and just as easily removed. The set includes four knives – chef’s, universal, for cleaning, for slicing, as well as an excellent cutting Board made of rubber wood. Additional reliability of knives is given by handles made of alloy steel.

In reviews, satisfied users report that thanks to the magnetic bar, knives are very convenient to store. The quality of the kit also suits them – all-metal products seem very reliable, but at the same time quite light and comfortable.

3 MAYER & BOCH 23623

10 best kitchen knife sets

This set, although made in China, is of quite good quality. Also attracted by the rich equipment, the presence of a convenient stand and an attractive appearance of the set as a whole. The set includes five different knives – chef’s, cutting, bread, universal, for cleaning, as well as convenient kitchen scissors. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the handles are made of wood.

Among the main advantages, users in reviews call an attractive design, a convenient stand,and a good configuration. The knives are quite sharp and comfortable, but, according to some buyers, they are heavy, and the blades are too thick. The quality can not be called the best, but it is quite good, more than suitable for use at home.

2 Kanetsugu 21 Excel

10 best kitchen knife sets

This set differs from other knives primarily by a special micro-toothed sharpening of the cutting edge. Because of this feature, they never need to be sharpened. The set includes only three knives, which differ mainly in size. Their blades are made of 1K6 molybdenum-vanadium steel, and the handles are made of stabilized wood. They fit comfortably in your hand thanks to their ergonomic shape, and are easy to operate and maintain.

In reviews, users often write that these are the sharpest knives among those they have ever used. Among other benefits, they are also called a convenient handle. Knives take a very long time to sharpen, many people have been using them at home for several years, and they still remain quite sharp. The disadvantage is the lack of a stand in the kit.

1 Samura Harakiri SHR-0250

10 best kitchen knife sets

A set of knives from the Japanese manufacturer has received the maximum number of positive reviews, which already allows us to call it one of the best for the home. The opinion of users about the set is quite fair, since its quality is really excellent. The set includes five knives – universal, vegetable, nakiri, chef’s and Santoku.

The thin blades are made of high-quality AUS-8 steel, and the reliable and durable handles are made of ABS plastic. The combination of ergonomic shape, light weight and perfect sharpness makes working with these knives really enjoyable. And the reviews confirm everything stated by the manufacturer-the knives are comfortable, sharp, light. You can only find one disadvantage with them – a rather high cost.

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