10 best drainage pumps

Characteristics in the rating

The drainage pump market in Russia is quite saturated. There is a huge selection of models for evacuation of dirty water, pumping out a septic tank or pool, organizing a water supply system from a well. For each case, it will not be difficult to find the most optimal option. The main criterion for selecting participating models in our rating is reliability in operation and sufficient performance for most tasks. Attention was also paid to the build quality, brand reputation, and cost of products. The latter factor, unfortunately, for many buyers is still a key point when choosing.

So, all the models included in this review have good reasons to be considered the best in the specified price segment. The evaluation component of the rating took into account not only the declared characteristics, build quality and price, but also the opinions of owners who have tested these drainage pumps in practice in a variety of conditions.

Best submersible drainage pumps

5 Denzel PH900 (900 W)

10 best drainage pumps

A high-pressure drainage pump can be used for various purposes – draining reservoirs, wells, swimming pools, open water bodies, water supply to a suburban area, or supplying water under pressure. Unlike other models, the case is made of stainless steel, which makes the device durable and reliable, but increases the weight (8.5 kg without accessories). A special float switch will help you adjust the level of water pumping and prevent the device from running dry.

The submersible pump can be lowered to a depth of up to 30 m without compromising performance, and thanks to its ergonomic cylindrical shape and vertical installation, it can be placed in narrow openings. According to most buyers, it is also convenient because it is economical, works silently, has good build quality, and has a fairly long cord.

4 Grundfos SBA 3-45 A

10 best drainage pumps

The top model is positioned as a submersible drainage pump for pumping dirty water from wells, but it can also be used for other purposes – draining swimming pools, cesspools in private homes, septic tanks. The device can be submerged to a depth of 10 m, passes only 3 cubic meters per hour, does not allow large mechanical inclusions in liquids – their diameter should not exceed 1 mm, while Grundfos SBA is not able to work with liquids whose temperature is higher than 40 degrees.

The compact drainage pump with a long 15-meter cable is convenient to use in the courtyard of a private house for draining various reservoirs-it works almost noiselessly, does not require the purchase of additional automation, is quickly installed, as it has the simplest and most understandable design. Of the minuses, there is only one – a fairly large weight, almost 10 kg.

3 DZHILEKS Drenant 350/17 (1200 W)

10 best drainage pumps

This submersible drainage pump is not designed for dirty water (for example, in septic tanks), but it perfectly pumps and supplies rain or ground water, and also works for draining liquid from swimming pools and other artificial reservoirs. Designed for diving to a depth of 8 m, it works normally with liquids whose temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. Additionally, the device is protected from overheating and dry running, which increases operational reliability and durability.

Customers note THAT the jilex 350/17T drainage pump is quite convenient for draining water that includes various mechanical particles – silt, dirt, sand, but they should not be more than 6 mm in diameter. The ability to quickly clean the filter and the presence of a woven hose (20 m) in the kit is also an advantage. In addition, the pump boasts good performance – the unit pumps up to 21 cubic meters of water per hour.

The best company of drainage pumps

On the market there are a number of products of companies with an impeccable reputation. The purchase of a drainage pump from a time-tested manufacturer is an additional guarantee that there are no problems with the operation of this equipment. You probably know these companies:

  • Grundfos– one of the best German manufacturers. Uses only reliable components when assembling its products. There are practically no complaints about quality on the market, regardless of the type of product. Needless to say that the cost exceeds the analogues of the market, and sometimes quite significantly
  • Metabo– another German whose products deserve all respect. Traditionally, impeccable quality control, which virtually excludes possible defects from falling into the hands of the buyer, modern technological solutions and an attractive pricing policy make the products of this company recognizable and in demand on the market.
  • Makita– this brand does not need advertising and representation – everyone knows it. Even the transfer of production to countries with cheaper labor did not affect the popularity of products-the quality and price in this case fully meet the expectations of the owner.
  • KARCHER– despite the transfer of the Assembly to China, this German brand is still popular, especially in Russia. At the same time, many users quite reasonably consider the price tag somewhat inflated. However, a wide network of representative offices in the country makes the products repairable, and therefore in demand among domestic consumers.

2 Makita PF0610 (550 W)

10 best drainage pumps

The drainage pump with its robust stainless steel housing is highly durable, as all its internal components are more than reliably protected from damage. The float switch regulates operation by immediately turning off the device when the water level is insufficient. It allows even large mechanical particles up to 35 mm in diameter to pass through, which makes it convenient for pumping dirty water from septic tanks, cesspools, wells, artificial reservoirs and other reservoirs, including swimming pools. It can be used for organizing garden watering.

With a weight of 5.4 kg, this submersible pump can be conveniently transported by having a top handle, and the 10-meter cable allows it to be used at a sufficient distance from the power source. Pumps the liquid out of the tanks in full – the minimum water level for operation of the Makita PF0610 is only 5 cm.

1 KARCHER SP 1 Dirt (250 W)

10 best drainage pumps

This submersible pump is highly efficient for its modest capacity – pumping up to 5,500 l / h, making it the optimal model for draining garden ponds and tanks. At the same time, it is designed for dirty water with inclusions up to 2 cm in diameter. If larger particles are possible in the liquid, the device should be equipped with an additional filter to protect the impeller (not included). The manufacturer claims a long service life, which is provided by reliable materials for the manufacture of the pump and a technological o-ring.

The KARCHER SP 1 Dirt drainage pump used for swimming pools or wells is protected against idling. A built-in float switch stops operation immediately if the water level drops. The cloth hose that goes with the pump is equipped with a quick-release connection. The unit is capable of operating at a depth of up to 7 m and at the same time weighs only 3.6 kg.

Best surface drainage pumps

5 VORTEX MON-370 (370 W)

10 best drainage pumps

Surface drainage pump for vertical installation with a centrifugal mechanism for supplying clean water without large inclusions is ideal for cottages or private homes. With its light weight (only 5.4 kg), it is easy to install and store as needed for the winter. Suitable for pumping water from a well, borehole, pool or other reservoirs.

High-strength materials are used in the manufacture – the impeller is made of brass, the pump is cast iron, the casing is made of durable metal. Like most models, it is protected from overheating, easy to install, and saves energy. One of the features of this device is more noisy operation than that of submersible drainage pumps, but due to its installation outside the water, it is more durable and much easier to maintain.

4 BISON NS-T3-600 (600 W)

10 best drainage pumps

Despite the fact that this pump belongs to the surface type, the model has a large suction power. The design also includes thermal guards to protect against overheating. Scope of application-pumping rainwater or tap water from various reservoirs, or drainage drainage of wells and wells. For pumping dirty water from septic tanks or swimming pools, it is practically not used.

The main features of this surface pump are the need to fill with water after a break or during the first use (a non-return valve can be installed). The maximum suction depth can reach up to 8 m. Advantages – easier maintenance compared to submersible pumps, water lifting to a height of up to 11 m, protection against overheating or switching on without liquid. Also, the owners note that the BISON NS-T3-600 works very quietly, and the residual level of pumped water has minimal values.


10 best drainage pumps

The cast-iron casing of this pump perfectly absorbs vibration and noise, is completely unafraid of physical impact, and, unlike competitors, is wear-resistant and durable. It provides efficient drainage pumping from depths up to 8 m, and is easy to operate and install. It can supply water from wells and other containers to the home water supply, as well as be used for irrigation – it is often used as a garden pump. The self-priming model is stable on the surface, rubberized legs with a wide base do not allow it to slide during operation.

The capacity of the device is 65 liters per minute, while it is able to raise a column of water to a height of 50 m. This pump of domestic production does not require professional maintenance. Among the disadvantages, buyers note the lack of a dry run protection function and connectors in the kit. Like most of our participants, it requires disconnection and conservation in winter.

2 Grundfos MQ 3-45 (1000 W)

10 best drainage pumps

The professional surface pump from this manufacturer is intended only for pumping clean water and horizontal installation. An additional pressure boosting function is built in, and there is also an automatic water level control. The system can work on drainage cleaning of tanks with a depth of up to 8 m. At the same time, the maximum throughput of the device does not exceed 3 cubic meters/hour. It is not suitable for pumping dirty water, but where you need to increase the pressure of water supply from wells or organize watering of a garden plot, Grundfos MQ 3-45 is indispensable.

Buyers note the high build quality, almost silent operation, multi-stage protection against overheating or switching on when dry. At the same time, the unit can be used for pumping rainwater. They also note the compactness of the pump and the ease of its installation. An absolute advantage is its informative content – all performance indicators can be tracked on the display.

1 Metabo P 2000 G (450 W)

10 best drainage pumps

The surface pump is designed for irrigation of garden and vegetable plots, drainage drainage of septic tanks or supply of clean water, including ground water. Equipping with a condenser motor makes maintenance easier, and the Metabo P 2000 G is reliably protected from overload and overheating by automation. Sliding o-rings additionally guarantee the unit’s durability, and a separate water filling port allows for easy and fast installation of the entire system.

The pump is not suitable for dirty water – inclusions more than 1 mm in diameter are contraindicated for it- many people simply use a remote filter on the intake hose when pumping water from a pool or well. It pumps 33 liters in 1 minute, runs on a standard power supply and weighs 7.6 kg. A small disadvantage is the need to fix the pump on the base, since it can be unstable with a large head and filling with water.

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