10 best double mattresses

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A double mattress is a thing that is purchased for many years, and its purchase does not tolerate haste. You need to choose it based on the needs of both users. So, it is important to determine the level of load and, accordingly, elasticity, the quality of filling and top coating, the intensity of use of the product. According to the allocated budget, you can almost immediately tell what the mattress base will be (spring-loaded or spring-free), what will be found inside (natural or artificial latex, coconut coir, foam rubber, etc.), what will be on top (jacquard, cotton, pure synthetics). And real product reviews will help you filter out the most clever marketing moves. Thus, our rating will help you mentally prepare for the abundance of offers, correctly navigate it, and not waste your time.

TOP 10 best double mattresses

10 CORRETTO Ruletto 5

10 best double mattresses

Corretto’s thin orthopedic mattresses are easy to spread and roll up when the need arises. This quality is extremely appropriate when traveling, as well as for organizing a comfortable sleep for visiting guests. The small height – only 5 cm-allows you to lay the anatomical layer on the surface of a double sofa, thereby improving the anatomical characteristics of the latter. Ruletto 5 is one of the most cost-effective acquisitions: it is inexpensive and does not require the mandatory purchase of a frame bed, as it is compatible with any furniture.

The reviews are commendable about the compactness and lightness of the model. The product is effortlessly twisted, carried with one hand and placed in the trunk or in the back seat of a passenger car. The best option for pickup, as it does not require the help of movers. And, without a doubt, the most suitable option for a guest sofa.

9 Ormatek Start

10 best double mattresses

Orthopedic mattresses in a twist have been produced for more than 30 years. The purchase of Ormatek Start is relevant in three cases: if you need to transport the purchase by private or public transport, for example, to the country; when the house is being renovated and you need to hide the product in the pantry; and – best of all-it is convenient to give the roll in a gift box. Twisting is performed by special equipment in several stages: compression, sealing in a vacuum bag, forming a tight roll, winding for fixing. When buying a product in a twisted form, it is better to check with the seller the algorithm for unpacking and restoring the shape.

About polyurethane foam as a filler, users say a lot of flattering words. It does not need to allocate a large budget, it is elastic and elastic, does not create the effect of a hammock, and the air cavities allow the body to breathe. The presented model is double-sided, with medium rigidity, so it is suitable for any physique.

8 Ascona Balance Forma

10 best double mattresses

For the consumer, it is important in what form the product enters the house. So, the Askona company delivers products in double packaging (rigid burlap and polyethylene). This approach protects the surface from dust, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Commenters Express different opinions, and there is both criticism and positivity on the web. If we generalize, orthopedic properties are evaluated on the fourth line. Medium stiffness is considered the “Golden mean”, when it is convenient to sit on the edge without falling, as in a feather bed, and straighten the spine due to moderate hardness. The best qualities of the model are revealed together with an orthopedic bed, in which the slats have a certain step. For an independent spring block with a height of 17 cm, a maximum weight of 110 kg per seat is specified. And if you read the reviews in detail, practice reveals a different pattern: children and adolescents sleep comfortably, but with an increase in weight over 85 kg, spring subsidence is observed.

7 LONAX Roll Mini Eco

10 best double mattresses

Huge double mattress in the shape of a square 200×200 cm filled with artificial latex. The positive differences between the material and natural are cheapness, hypoallergenic and increased elasticity. Of the minuses-the air passes worse and wear occurs earlier. The monolithic springless base is suitable for those who like the average rigidity of the sleeping place, the feeling of point elasticity and coolness. The load limit is 80 kg / seat, which should be taken into account even at the selection stage for large men and women.

Customers in reviews talk about changing the nature of sleep: it gets better and lasts longer. Operation strongly depends on the weight of the owner, the heavier it is, the faster the filler is deformed. The quality of the case with a reinforced seam is beyond praise, it is clear that the manufacturer has tried to put effort even in the details.

6 Dreamline Eco Foam TFK

10 best double mattresses

To the independent spring blocks, the Dreamline brand decided to add a couple of centimeters of artificial latex at the top and bottom and partitions made of thermoformed felt. This ensures maximum comfort and softness of the mattress at the most affordable price. Even if the springs lose their elasticity over time, the elastic latex layer will protect the body from discomfort. The cover made of cotton jacquard can be supplemented with a viewing zipper free of charge at the customer’s request – so you can look inside and make sure that the passport and filling match.

Sleeping on soft mattresses is recommended for two categories: adults with a healthy spine and a small weight (up to 55 kg), as well as the elderly, in order to minimize the risk of diseases of the intervertebral discs. All products of the company meet the requirements of TR CU 025/2012 “on the safety of furniture products”, which is confirmed by the EAC Declaration.

5 Bottlenose Dolphin Anatomik Lux

10 best double mattresses

The “winter-summer” effect works to ensure the comfort of sleepers if the home microclimate is not good enough: in summer it is too hot, and in winter it is too cool. Also, two different surfaces help to relieve the condition with increased sweating, poor blood circulation, and the body’s needs for dry heat. The independent spring block is covered on both sides with a protective screen, and surrounded by a reliable reinforcement system around the perimeter – this is made for long-term operation.

High customer ratings are due to the quality of materials and combined filler. It is possible to choose a soft (winter) side made of latex foam or a hard (summer) side made of coconut fiber. The jacquard cover of the double model is distinguished by its beauty, practicality and lack of lint. The peculiar interweaving creates a relief pattern, very dense and durable. Jacquard is convenient to clean from dust, especially if you connect a vacuum cleaner.

4 Virtuoz Waltz

10 best double mattresses

The model is two-zone, which means that the preferences of each spouse for the stiffness/softness of the bed are taken into account. In General, this design is the most optimal for a couple’s bedroom. Orthopedic support is carefully thought out: on the hard part of the spine is fixed in a straight position. However, if you experience lower back pain, you should consult your doctor before buying. But the rigid base largely solves problems with the upper spine – thoracic and cervical.

In General, when choosing a place to sleep, it is better to start from the weight of a person: the larger the mass, the stiffer the mattress. But first of all, you should evaluate the physical sensations, observe if you do not want to roll over and change your usual position. Judging by the reviews, the owners sleep comfortably on the product, since they can periodically change the zone, taking into account the current needs of the body, and just at any time – according to the mood.

3 MaterLux Divino

10 best double mattresses

A standard rectangular mattress with independent springs (520 pieces per bed) perfectly copes with uneven loads. Consultants recommend similar models for couples with a significant difference in weight categories. Elastic and silent spring elements are Packed individually, each in its own textile bag. Therefore, when turning and changing the position of the body, the product will bend only where it is necessary – pointwise. If you have a habit of getting up at night, then your bedmate will not feel anything.

The height of the springs is 22 cm, and each side has an individual level of rigidity – medium and high, so everyone will choose their own comfortable option. Reviews indicate the aesthetic appearance of the model, made by the hands of Russian specialists using Italian technology. On the side there is a handle that makes it easier to turn the product – due to such small things, use is both easier and more pleasant.

2 Ormatek Round Optima Hard EVS

10 best double mattresses

The rigid orthopedic mattress is designed for installation in a round bed with all the resulting advantages: it looks original, gives a sense of comfort, spaciousness and safety due to a smoothed contour. The independent spring unit has received an excellent addition to the top and bottom – a couple of layers of coconut coir. Thus, the user gets the highest quality back support in combination with good ventilation, protection from rotting, aging and unpleasant odors. Coconut fiber also prevents the appearance of skin and allergic reactions.

Buyers pay attention to the nuances during operation. First, all components are approved by the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance authorities of the Russian Federation, so you can not worry about the safety of materials for health. Secondly, the ormatek brand is recommended by the Independent Russian society of Somnologists. Sealed the edges of the model – the third reason is consumer acceptance.

1 Lordflex Mariana’s

10 best double mattresses

The ergonomic mattress from Italy is not the same on both sides: on one side it has a light cotton coating and on the other – a warm Merino one. Merino wool is an elite product from fine-fleeced sheep, experts refer it to the category of the best materials for hygroscopicity, anti-static and antibacterial properties. The wool cover of the double model is able to adapt to the temperature of the environment, and this is directly felt by the owners, warming up in the cold and cooling their body in the hot season.

The product is marked with the Catas laboratory Identification Mark, which means that it has successfully passed the wear resistance tests. Therefore, buyers take it with the hope of long-term use, and there are no complaints about the strength yet. The relationship to lanolin in wool is twofold: the substance relieves nervous tension, reduces pain and improves blood circulation, on the other hand, it has an allergenic potential. The best part is that the fibers repel dirt and do not absorb the smell of sweat.

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