10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Dozens of dental clinics are open in St. Petersburg, which allow you to solve various problems related to teeth. We have selected the 10 best centers where you can get competent treatment without much damage to the budget. We will get acquainted with them in our review, compiled on the basis of patient reviews.

Review of the best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

Category place clinic rating
Review of the best dental clinics in St. Petersburg 1 Comfort dentistry 5.0
2 Intan 4.9
3 Iceberg 4.8
4 Nord Dental 4.7
5 Soycomed 4.6
6 IBN SINA 4.5
7 Veronika 4.4
8 Palkin 4.3
9 Pandent 4.2
10 My Dental Office 4.1

Comfort dentistry

10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The first place belongs to a dental clinic with a rich history. The facility has been treating patients for more than 30 years. The center’s doctors successfully solve problems of any complexity. There are a total of 5 comfort Dentistry clinics in Saint Petersburg. The company uses innovative European equipment and practices advanced technologies that are successfully used abroad. In dentistry, they restore a smile, whiten teeth, treat caries, perform professional oral care, and remove formations that cannot be preserved.

The advantages of the clinic include many years of experience of specialists, the best materials and a lot of positive reviews, regular discounts and promotions. The online recording service works. There is often a 25% discount on the first visit. Computer diagnostics will cost 370 rubles. There are branches on Gorokhovaya, Aviakonstruktorov, Dybenko, Siqueiros and Portnova. Phone number: 7812-210-52-37.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

In second place is the dental network of clinics. In total, there are 24 branches in the city. Each institution has professional equipment from Sirona. You can get a certificate of authenticity for implants. The advantages of the dental clinic include high professionalism of doctors, a wide range of services provided. They speak well about children’s treatment. Intan employs surgeons, prosthetics specialists, internists and orthodontists. Their certificates and diplomas can be found on the organization’s website.

We are happy with constant discounts and promotions, although the prices themselves are higher than the average in St. Petersburg. The first visit will cost the patient 420 rubles. An x-ray costs 310 rubles. Among the disadvantages, customers note the need to wait in line. Sometimes the doctor is delayed for 20-30 minutes while working with a previous patient. Address: Soldata korzuna, building 1, building 2. Phone: 7812-291-30-77.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The iceberg dental clinic opened its doors in the early 2000s. Since then, it has not lost popularity with patients. The latest equipment is installed here. Diagnostics is performed using panoramic images. Specialists of the institution try to cure even the most hopeless teeth, using high-quality materials and modern methods of therapy. At reasonable prices, the clinic will carry out cleaning, install veneers or rhinestones.

Initial admission costs 550 rubles. In the fall, there are special offers for school students. Patients note the perfect cleanliness of the premises, solid service and friendly attitude of the administrators. Tea or coffee is always offered here, and cartoons are shown for children. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of grateful reviews from patients who praise doctors for their professionalism and individual approach. Customers are frustrated by the constant change of specialists. Address: 26/1 Doblesti street. Phone: 7812-385-4371.

Nord Dental

10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The next position belongs to the youngest dental clinic. It opened about 5 years ago and quickly gained popularity among the city’s residents. The center’s doctors can handle the most difficult tasks. They perform surgical operations, put dentures and fillings. The client is told in detail about the principles of treatment and its consequences.

The cost of services at Nord Dental is higher than that of competitors. You will have to pay 500-800 rubles for a consultation. A regular x-ray costs from 380 rubles. Bank cards are accepted for payment. If desired, you can apply for an interest-free installment plan for treatment. Patients especially praise the approach of dentists to children. The doctor treats caries in babies without drilling and filling using the Icon method. Thus, the child does not feel pain. The organization’s website States that you can pay for services using VHI, but in fact, many visitors are denied this. There are dissatisfied reviews about the work of some dentists. Address: 52 Lunacharsky Ave. Phone number: 7812-296-3031.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The review continues with the Soycomed dental clinic, which offers cleaning, implantation, prosthetics and treatment of neglected teeth. Patients choose the institution for the high quality of doctors ‘ work. They are happy to receive constant discounts. Judging by the reviews, minor adjustments and the first consultation are absolutely free. On the clinic’s website, you can find the cost of services. The price of an x-ray is only 200 rubles. Treatment of superficial caries will cost the client 2000 rubles.

The Soycomed team is constantly replenished with new talented specialists who approach their work professionally and give patients a sense of comfort. You can make an appointment on the company’s website. Some clients complain about the administrator’s refusal to print the receipt. There are rarely any problems with doctors ‘ schedules. In any case, the Soycomed service cannot be compared with elite clinics in St. Petersburg. This is an option for those who want to save on dental treatment. Address: 61 Lesnoy Ave., building 1. Phone: 7812-596-3655.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

IBN SINA family dental clinic welcomes citizens to specialists in various fields. The center employs internists, periodontists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists. The clinic uses modern implants of excellent quality, corrects the bite, treats gum diseases. IBN SINA is proud of its innovative equipment, including the latest microscopes and bleaching systems.

You can make self-recording on the company’s website. An initial doctor’s appointment costs 500 rubles. Regular customers can count on discounts on discount cards. If you wish, you can apply for treatment on credit. The advantages of the clinic include friendly staff, no queues, and fair prices. Most of the clinic’s doctors are too young and inexperienced, but there are only a few professionals. Another drawback is that the clinic’s premises are too small. Address: 60/1 Svetlanovsky Prospekt. phone: 812-557-93-15.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The next participant has been providing adult and pediatric dentistry services for 2 decades. Clinic “Veronika” practices treatment, aesthetic medicine, as well as the installation of prostheses. The facility’s equipment is constantly updated. Regular visitors can count on discount cards. At the initial appointment, the doctor offers to undergo a diagnosis on a tomograph or scan. After the image is displayed on the screen, a treatment plan is drawn up.

Children are met by doctors in colorful overalls, and at the end of the reception, the kids are given a gift. The hall has a game area with a TV. Opinions about the dental center are contradictory. The advantages include cleanliness, professional attitude of doctors, courtesy of the staff. Among the disadvantages are the lack of normal Parking, confusion with the schedule. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. Veronika clinic is usually chosen by residents of neighboring houses because of its walking distance. Address: Savushkina, 8, sq. 2. phone: 7812-777-7709.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

Then there is the Palkin dental center, which boasts specialized equipment and an extensive range of services. The clinic provides bleaching, veneers and braces, bite correction, and caries treatment. Professional doctors are ready to find an approach to the smallest patients.

We are happy to have a free consultation with a dental therapist. For a picture of the 1st tooth, you will have to pay 450 rubles. Most of our clients respond positively to the center. The treatment is pain-free. The doctors treat the patients carefully and patiently. Each branch has a Parking space for a car. There are reviews about the imposition of services and the identification of non-existent problems. Clients are outraged that initially specialists do not warn about the cost of procedures. Address: 2 Barmaleeva Street. Phone: 7812-600-23-06. Another branch is located at 15 Primorskiy Prospekt.


10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

Pandent dental clinic has been operating since 1991. Today it covers the whole of St. Petersburg. With the help of modern equipment, the center’s doctors have mastered the techniques of painless treatment. At the first appointment, you need to pass 3D diagnostics. Each seal is guaranteed for three years. Implantation, prosthetics and removal of dental calculi are performed at a high level. Doctors actively used minimally invasive techniques to preserve the living tissues of the teeth. Pandent has created conditions for patients with disabilities. I am glad to have a discount system.

Patients note the slowness of administrators. On your first visit, you will have to wait about 20 minutes to complete the paperwork. The advantages include the cleanliness of the premises and the helpfulness of the staff, a detailed explanation of the treatment. Among the disadvantages are obsessive service, inflated prices for services. Address: Savushkina 17. Phone: 7812-600-2021.

My Dental Office

10 best dental clinics in St. Petersburg

The review is completed by the network of dental clinics “Moi Zubnoy”, which has more than 45 departments. Dentistry is chosen for affordable prices, constant discounts and promotions. Patients have the right to arrange treatment in installments. The network has its own laboratory, which makes it possible to reduce the price of prosthetics and reduce the duration of their manufacture.

The center offers consultation of any specialist absolutely free of charge. At the initial appointment, the client is introduced to the work plan, cost and doctors of the clinic. The service is not comparable to expensive institutions. Here they will not pour coffee and court the client. Sometimes there are problems with Bank card payments. Doctors do not consult on oral care, and they do not talk about methods of preventing the problem. Sometimes information about the price on the company’s website differs from reality. Address: Podolskaya, 1-3-5. Phone number: 7812-400-0551.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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