10 best Bosch washing machines

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For more than 130 years, the Bosch group has been pleasing users with the impeccable quality of its equipment. The company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, and has been manufacturing washing machines since 1914. All models were produced for factories, as not everyone could afford to buy such equipment. Bosch washing machines appeared on the market only in 1972. The company’s factories are located all over the world, but despite this, all products of the brand are a symbol of reliability and comfort, as the manufacturer values its reputation and maintains strict control over its products assembled in other countries. Washing machines of this manufacturer are real professionals in their field.

In the face of fierce competition, the concern compares favorably with its competitors by striving for innovative technologies, constantly updating the model range of its products. The main advantages of Bosch washing machines:

  • long service life;
  • save energy consumption;
  • Laundry weighing function, which allows you to use a minimum amount of water for washing;
  • foaming control;
  • technology to protect against leaks;
  • the VarioSoft drum design is designed specifically for delicate washing;
  • huge assortment.

Another advantage of Bosh washing machines is the steam supply mode, which can not boast of machines from Samsung, Indesit and Siemens. LG has a similar feature, but they don’t produce built-in models or vertical-loading washing machines. Below is a rating of the best Bosch washing machines based on real customer reviews and opinions of specialists from repair shops.

Best Bosch washing machines: loading up to 6 kg

The main characteristics of this category are small dimensions, pleasant prices and a basic package of basic washing modes. Below are the three best assistants from Bosch with a load of Laundry up to 5-6 kg.

4 Bosch WLG 20240

10 best Bosch washing machines

Compact washing machine (60x45x85 cm) with AquaStop system is popular among customers, collects a lot of positive reviews. The demand for the model from the German brand Bosch is explained by its excellent technical characteristics and functionality. The manufacturer provides 15 programs for products made of various types of fabrics, children’s and outerwear, delicate items (wool, silk), jeans. There are modes of soaking, additional rinsing, stain removal, economical washing, direct injection. The main indicators are also excellent – energy class A (0.18 kWh / kg), 1000 rpm, the ability to choose the spin intensity and cancel it.

Most customers like this Bosch washing machine, they recommend it for purchase as a high-quality and functional model. Based on the reviews, you can distinguish its main positive and negative characteristics.

  • compact size;
  • AQUASTOP leak protection»;
  • spin without vibration;
  • quickly washes and wrings out;
  • functionality.

Users do not make serious complaints about the quality of equipment and washing.

3 Bosch WLG 20160

10 best Bosch washing machines

A successful, popular model with a front-loading capacity of up to 5 kg is characterized by low cost, good design and quality. The case is made in a classic white color with a depth of 45 cm. One of its main advantages is protection against power surges. This is very important for electronic models, as the probability of failure due to network instability is significantly reduced. The washing machine is also equipped with other positive features: child lock, leak protection, delayed start timer, spin cancellation, foam control. The model is very economical – 40 liters of water and 0.18 kWh/kg of electric energy are consumed in one cycle. Judging by user reviews, the advantages of a washing machine are much more than the disadvantages.

  • shows the remaining time until completion of work;
  • wide range of programs;
  • it works quietly and doesn’t interfere with sleep during night mode;
  • delayed start function;
  • possibility of additional loading of Laundry;
  • completely washes the powder out of the tray.
  • there is a lot of water left in the rubber band of the drum after work;
  • difficult to understand instructions.

2 Bosch WLG 2426 F

10 best Bosch washing machines

The model is free-standing, but due to the removable cover, it can be used as a built-in one. Narrow (60x40x85 cm) and compact, it holds up to 5 kg of Laundry. The control is electronic, all parameters are displayed on a digital display, which makes it easier to set the operating mode and monitor the washing process. Thanks to the abundance of programs, you can wash fabrics and things of all types. Special modes are designed for washing children’s and outerwear, jeans, and delicate fabrics. Additional options include direct injection, additional rinsing, pre-washing, and removal of complex dirt. For safety reasons, the manufacturer added a child lock and case protection against leaks to the functionality.

The model is popular, and there are a lot of reviews about it – more positive than negative ones. Based on their study, we concluded about the advantages and disadvantages of a budget Bosch washing machine.

  • compact size;
  • ease of operation;
  • quiet operation;
  • good spin speed (1200 rpm));
  • functionality – a large selection of programs.
  • Russian, not German Assembly;
  • short power supply wire.

1 Bosch WLG 20060

10 best Bosch washing machines

A convenient model with a drum capacity of up to 5 kg at an affordable price will appeal to economical Housewives. A large number of programs do not interfere with the ease of operation. The case is made in a classic style, equipped with protection against leaks. It is easy to maintain, as the powder tray is equipped with a self-cleaning function. The model does not have a sensor that shows the remaining washing time, but this does not prevent it from being incredibly popular with customers. In reviews, users note a high-quality build and long service life.

  • quiet;
  • high-quality washes;
  • low cost;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity.
  • does not always rinse things well;
  • there is no spin adjustment.

Best Bosch washing machines: loading from 7 kg

Washing machines with a capacity of Laundry from 7 kg have a great functionality. Most of them handle things by steam, while having a minimum energy class of A+++. The rating includes the best models based on user reviews, technical characteristics, and product costs.

3 Bosch WAN 24260

10 best Bosch washing machines

The WAN 24260 model is designed for loading up to 8 kg of Laundry, for washing which you can choose one of eight modes with a maximum spin speed of up to 1200 revolutions per minute. Touch control helps to control the washing parameters, all information is displayed on the led display.

One of the advantages of the model is the “delayed start”function. The start of washing can be set either in an hour or in a day. The WAN 24260 washing machine is equipped with a program for washing silk, it delicately copes with dirt, without deforming the material. The AquaStop system protects equipment from leaks and instantly closes the water supply valve in case of damage to the filling hose.

  • an additional rinse cycle is activated when there is a lot of foaming;
  • control of water dosage depending on the weight and type of Laundry;
  • large loading capacity up to 8 kg;
  • functionality.

No significant drawbacks were found in the model, and it fully justifies its high cost.

2 Bosch WAY 32742

10 best Bosch washing machines

The large (60x59x85 cm) washing machine can hold up to 9 kg of Laundry. The control is carried out using a touch screen with a backlit screen. The machine has the best spin class (A), and makes 1600 revolutions per minute, while remaining silent.

Of the many useful programs, we can single out one that distinguishes the typewriter from its competitors from the rating-the “crease Prevention” function. The model also knows how to pre-soak things and deal with difficult stains. It is not difficult to take care of the washing machine, as it is equipped with a drum cleaning program and a water contamination sensor.

  • silent;
  • ability to set your own program;
  • presence of a water pollution sensor;
  • automatic cleaning of the drum;
  • EcoSilence silent motor;
  • German build.
  • child lockout doesn’t work for work stoppage;
  • the screen is bright and there is no way to select the backlight mode.

1 Bosch WIW 24340

10 best Bosch washing machines

The built – in model with a front loading capacity of up to 7 kg is distinguished by quality and durability thanks to the German Assembly. This washing machine from Bosch is one of the most economical (A+++) and functional. The manufacturer provides 14 standard programs plus a set of additional options. Among the special programs, customers first of all pay attention to economical, preliminary, accelerated washing, a program for removing complex dirt, and a night mode.

The characteristics are excellent – the machine works very quietly (42/66 dB), is equipped with full protection against leaks, blocking from pressing buttons by children, foam control, drum lighting and spin cancellation. The maximum speed at which the drum rotates is 1200 rpm. Based on the technical characteristics, functionality, and reviews, you can identify the main pros and cons of the model.

  • the German Assembly;
  • very quiet operation;
  • good washing quality;
  • resistance, no vibration during the spin cycle.

There are no drawbacks to the model, or they are so insignificant that users don’t mention them.

Best Bosch tumble dryers

Washing machines with dryers are distinguished by the presence of an additional heating element. There is a main heater in each machine for heating water. And not only in the technique with the “Laundry Drying” function, it serves to heat the air that enters the drum through a special air duct. During operation, the drum rotates at a low speed in different directions, and hot air flows evenly through the Laundry. Excess moisture is collected in a special tank.

The drying and washing machine will save you from hanging Laundry on ropes and Central heating batteries, as well as save space in the room, as you will not need to purchase a separate dryer. The best models from Bosch are located in our rating.

3 Bosch WDU 28590

10 best Bosch washing machines

One of the fairly new models with a load of up to 10 kg of dry Laundry for washing and 6 kg of wet clothes for drying. There is only one drying program – in time, but it is enough to completely remove moisture. This washing machine also has other features – for example, the function of steam supply for the most efficient and high-quality washing. As with all Bosch washing machines, there are many useful programs (14). Among them, you can distinguish washing downy, sports, and children’s clothes, preventing creasing of fabrics, and removing stains.

The water consumption is quite large (125 liters), but this is due to increased loading volumes. For safety and comfort of use, the model is supplemented with full protection against leaks, the possibility of blocking from children, and imbalance control. There are definitely more advantages than disadvantages, but when buying, you should pay attention to the country of production. If you manage to find a German-built model or at least a Turkish one, you can safely purchase it.

  • large download;
  • high-quality drying on time;
  • functionality;
  • safety and comfort of use;
  • steam supply function.
  • there are instances of the Chinese Assembly;
  • high cost.

2 Bosch WVG 30463

10 best Bosch washing machines

The Bosch washing machine with a front load of up to 7 kg of Laundry is equipped with four drying modes. The entire amount of Laundry can not be dried at one time – it is allowed to load up to 4 kg, but this feature is typical for washing machines and other brands. According to user reviews, the model dries Laundry well without creasing and creasing. In addition to drying, the manufacturer has provided 13 standard operating modes and additional special programs. It is suitable for all types of fabrics, children’s, sports, outerwear.

The maximum speed of rotation of the drum is 1,500 rpm. after spinning, the Laundry remains slightly wet. It is possible to select the spin speed, and if necessary, cancel it. Based on the reviews and technical characteristics, a number of advantages of the washing machine can be identified.

  • high spin speed;
  • drying without creasing fabrics;
  • automatic cleaning of the drum;
  • anti-Allergy program»;
  • versatile-suitable for washing all types of fabrics.
  • Chinese build.

1 Bosch WKD 28541

10 best Bosch washing machines

The built-in washing machine WKD 28541 has a good capacity (up to 7 kg), in the “drying” mode – up to 4 kg. Washing is carried out in several programs: for sportswear, delicate and mixed fabrics. There is also the possibility of pre-soaking and quick washing. You can always set the temperature and start-up time yourself. Spin is almost silent, making 1400 revolutions per minute, which corresponds to class A. The machine is even quieter in “night” mode.

  • 4 drying modes;
  • anti-crease program;
  • the “anti-Allergy” system.
  • after each drying, you must run the “cleaning” program.
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